Dungeon Chop Chop

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My Contributions

Here are some of my contributions to this game:

Level Generator

This level generator is used to generate every level in the game, through the use of different profiles. It can generate an Overworld with different biomes, and Dungeons with a key and chest room.

Source code for the Level Generator and run-time level managing can be found here.

The Level Generator in action, generating the Overworld (slowed down - actual layout generation is much faster)

User Interface

Most of the user interface of the game was implemented myself, excluding the in-game HUD.

The map shows what tiles have been visited, and supports showing map icons and dynamically zooming and resizing at run-time.

There is also a fully functioning options menu that can be accessed in-game or from the main menu, and save’s preferences for next boot.

Visual Effects

I was also responsible for writing all of the shaders we use throughout the game. This includes a foliage shader for rendering swaying grass and trees, a ground shader for tiling UVs based on world position, a spinning shader for quicksand, and a simple flashing shader for indicating character damage.

Editor Tools

A number of editor tools were created to aid development. One of these was an enemy spawner editor, which allowed editing of multiple spawner profiles, and visualizing spawn points.