The Good, the Bad and the Whiskey (AIE Jam 2017)

A split-screen multiplayer collect-a-thon, with whiskey and explosives!

 Riley Huppatz
 Kaleb Jenkins
 Kaylee Boden
 Kat Atkinson
 Jack Vine
 Jacob Will

More of my projects:

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A networked multiplayer mashup of pong and brick break, using RakNet, OpenGL, and C++
Space Dash
Space Dash is a space-themed endless runner, where collecting oxygen is needed to stay alive. This game was created over a six week period, as a student project.
Crime Wave (Global Game Jam 2017)
A Global Game Jam game about smashing stuff
Magic Battle Stadium
A free-for-all multiplayer wizard battle arena.
Chest of Dark Wonder
A dark night and a brilliant flash leads a young boy into a strange and wondrous world. Armed with a huge bat and mysterious magic abilities, set out and unlock the marvels of the Chest of Dark Wonder!
A randomly generated, 3D tower defence game.
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