This game runs with two clients connected to a server. The server is authoritative, and the clients implement dead-reckoning by only sending data when important events occur, such as a ball bouncing, a block breaking, etc. The game is simulated on the clients and server for smooth gameplay, but the only data the clients themselves can send is key presses.
Data is only sent when these events happen, making efficient use of bandwidth, and gameplay is accurately synced across clients.
Pictured: one of two clients running the game. Setup is one server, two clients.

More of my projects:

Space Dash
Space Dash is a space-themed endless runner, where collecting oxygen is needed to stay alive. This game was created over a six week period, as a student project.
Magic Battle Stadium
A free-for-all multiplayer wizard battle arena.
A randomly generated, 3D tower defence game.
Chest of Dark Wonder
A dark night and a brilliant flash leads a young boy into a strange and wondrous world. Armed with a huge bat and mysterious magic abilities, set out and unlock the marvels of the Chest of Dark Wonder!
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