There are many characters, classes and attacks to choose from. Matches are timed, and players are ranked by amount of kills vs amount of deaths.
A video showcasing gameplay. Please note this game is in active development, and the video above is not representative of the current state of the game.
All assets shown are created by Jack Vine except for some particle effects, which are from FX Quest by G.E.TeamDev.

More of my projects:

Networked Multiplayer Pong / Brick Break
A networked multiplayer mashup of pong and brick break, using RakNet, OpenGL, and C++
A randomly generated, 3D tower defence game.
Space Dash
Space Dash is a space-themed endless runner, where collecting oxygen is needed to stay alive. This game was created over a six week period, as a student project.
Chest of Dark Wonder
A dark night and a brilliant flash leads a young boy into a strange and wondrous world. Armed with a huge bat and mysterious magic abilities, set out and unlock the marvels of the Chest of Dark Wonder!
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