This custom graphics engine was written using C++ and OpenGL, utilising AIE's Bootstrap, which includes a few extra things such as ImGui. The shaders shown below were written in GLSL.
This graphics engine supports static and animated models in OBJ and FBX format, though animations are only supported in FBX. Render targets are used to display the post-processing effects shown above.

More of my projects:

Photoshop Scripts
Scripts I have written for Photoshop to aid development of my projects. Languages used: JavaScript (Adobe ExtendScript)
Tilemap Editor
A basic tile-map editor. Not intended to replace full-featured programs, but rather as useful practice for tools development (a school assignment). Languages used: C# (WinForms)
Importance - Pebble Watchface
Importance is a watchface that displays the most basic and important information in an easy to read manner. Includes time, date, battery bar and a Bluetooth disconnection indicator. Languages used: C, HTML, Javascript
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